Storms & Salve: How they go together like pie and ice cream!

travel kit with CBD salve (savior)

From Mediterranean desert to Pacific Northwest Rain...

I just returned from a whirlwind trip in Spain... eating tapas, touring vineyards and logging about 26 miles of walking per day. My body was tired, but my heart and soul full. 

This is the core of my on-flight savior kit, minus my journal. My earbuds and pen get my mind through the flight; but the Salve 450 saves my body. Having had multiple ACL surgeries, my knees get stiff and sore, especially on flights. I rub on some salve before or during the flight and it helps relieve the pain and kinks in my knees and my neck.  

my travel kit with cbd salve and other necessities

I also used the salve before and after the many many miles of walks and bike rides. It truly allowed me to get up each day and do it all over again!

But it wasn't until I got home from the trip that I recognized a new use for the Salve 450 that I learned from a customer last summer.

You feeling the storm ⛈ too?

When the weather changes in the fall, especially if it's as drastic like it was this year -- from 77 and sunny to 47 and rainy in a couple of days -- our bodies react. The barometric pressure change can trigger headaches, body aches, and exhaustion. I felt all of it. 

I knew that our hemp oil would help this environmental imbalance, but I gave our Salve 450 a try instead, rubbing on my temples and a little behind the ears on the neck. It helped with my headaches, but also gave a sense of calm I didn't expect. 

In addition to the CBD for pain, it's the essential oil blend of lavender, frankincense, peppermint, lemongrass, wintergreen, camphor, St. Johns wort, and rosemary that assists with calming and inflammation.

Our CBD Salve 450 is on sale for 15% OFF for the month of November. I highly recommend experiencing this little gem of a tin of salvation. In the meantime, check out my storm photos from the last week... hopefully they don't cause you stress!

crazy weather in washington state

Crazy spinning swirly cloud thing above Mt. Hood

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