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Cold-Pressed Nutritional Hemp Seed Oil

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Cold Pressed / Gluten-free / Keto-friendly / Paleo-preferred / Non GMO / No pesticides


We cold-press our own hemp seed oil at our facility in The Dalles, Oregon with 100% American Grown Hemp Seeds.

Cold pressed hemp seed oil has a nutty natural flavor and is one of the most nutritional oils on the planet packing in a perfect balance of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids, 21 essential amino acids, magnesium, iron and zinc. It is known to have superior health properties. The oil is a non-greasy absorbent oil that is also great for skin issues from eczema to acne.

With a low smoke point, hemp seed oil is best used cold and is great for salads, dressings, marinades and more.  It is also commonly used as a plant-based supplement for a balanced omega fatty acid intake, taken straight as a tablespoon shot or added to smoothies, soups, dips etc!

We recommend our hemp seed oil for humans and companion pets for eating/nutrition and skin care. THIS IS NOT A CBD PRODUCT. 

Customer Reviews

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Kori Weeks
Locally grown hemp seeds, and oil

I did a taste test with family who buy hemp seeds from another country. They could hardly believe how tasty the hemp seeds that are grown in the Dalles from Queen of Hearts are.

Excellent resource, fresh and deliciously healthy!

They’re the best in our opinion!

Melodee Morris
The best oil

This is the best oil I have used. I no longer use olive oil for my salad dressing, I only use Queen of hearts Hemp Seed Oil.

Nicki Youngsma
Delicious and gluten free!

I love adding this help seed oil onto salads and pasta, or even drink it straight from the bottle! It's even better that it's gluten free, which I've learned is not always the case with hemp seed products due to cross contamination with wheat. 1