The Queen of Hearts Story

We started Queen of Hearts to inspire positive nutritional and social change in the food system through supporting our local farmers to grow hemp.

For 10 years before embarking on the hemp foods adventure, Tonia ran a nonprofit that helped young adults get their lives back after cancer. It was here that she discovered the diet and nutrition challenges so many people with health issues faced during and after battling their disease, addition to the severe anxiety she witnessed with those the program served.

She wanted to be a part of something bigger -- helping positively change our food system on an agricultural scale, while helping consumers learn the incredible nutritional benefits of hemp. Meanwhile, her husband, Gregg, discovered the incredible nutritional benefits of hemp while facing his own health issues. He ate hemp hearts on a daily basis, and was introduced to CBD, which helped relieve back inflammation and stress that was taking over his life.  It was here that the QOH story began.

Why Queen of Hearts?

The Queen of Hearts name was inspired from family and food: Tonia’s grandfather was “The Pickle King,” working with Pacific Northwest farmers to grow cucumbers for the family pickle business. Gregg's grandfather was the "Canoe King" in New England. Building on that legacy, we felt it was time for a “queen!” The highly nutritional core of the hemp seed is the heart... hence our name.

1: Grandpa Dick Farman in front of one of his many "pickle trucks" in Enumclaw, Washington. 2: A family cucumber farm in Black Diamond, WA, just a couple miles from the pickle plant. 
Black Diamond family farmers in the cucumber field. 


We started in hemp nutrition and approach food as medicine. It’s not just about CBD. In fact, we believe positive health outcomes can become a reality in our communities through Whole Hemp Health : Integrating the nutritional benefits of the hemp seed with the balancing qualities of phytocannabinoids to achieve greater overall health. Get your omegas in with hemp hearts for breakfast and take some hemp extract for sleep before going to bed!


We work closely with our farmers, who are committed to sustainable and organic growing practices that nourish our soils and environment. Our CBD is processed using the cleanest method possible via supercritical CO2 extraction. We produce in small batches for freshness and quality assurance. We take every step of our process with pride and integrity.


We use simple, high quality ingredients, ethically-grown and sourced for all of our products. If it’s of high enough quality, it doesn’t need much else. All of our products are made with American-grown hemp! We guarantee all of our products. We believe so strongly in the nutritional and optimized health efficacy behind our products, that we stand behind them 100%.