Let's be real - there's a lot of questionability out there. Here's what sets QOH apart.

This is what we do to ensure the highest quality in all of our products. It takes more time, resources and funding to make a top shelf product but we will not cut corners. That's why a "cheap" product should always raise questions. High quality hemp products, if sourced, produced, and tested accurately and with integrity, should have a little higher dollar value attached. In this industry, where it's still unregulated, we get what we pay for.

Start at the soil.

  1. We know our farmers. We work closely with them to ensure reliable and certified varieties of hemp are planted. We walk the land before, during, and after planting and harvest, often taking part in the process.
  2. Our farmers grow organically, testing soils for heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals. This is absolutely integral to producing anything for human consumption.
  3. We go one step further and test for glyphosate residue, and are Glyphosate-Residue Free compliant for all of our hemp seed food products and hemp oils. We are one of a small handful of brands with this certification.
  4. All of our hemp is American-grown and cultivated, and our CBD hemp 100% Oregon-grown.

Process with integrity.

  1. Our CBD is processed via Supercritical CO2 extraction to produce the most stable, clean, reliable non-detectable 0% THC distillate that we use for our products.
  2. We mechanically cold-press our hemp seed oil to maintain the fatty acid profile that works synergistically with the CBD.
  3. Our products are produced in small batches for freshness and quality assurance.
  4. 3rd party lab testing is done for pesticides, microbes & toxins, heavy metals, fatty acid profiles, potency, and glyphosate residue.

Stand behind everything.

We guarantee all of our products. We believe so strongly in the nutritional and optimized health efficacy behind our products, that we stand behind them 100%. If you are not happy with our products, let us know and we'll refund your purchase of the product.


Hemp shouldn't be confusing, yet it seems that it is! We focus on fact-based consumer education, informing our customers and community on the hemp plant, the nutritional and medicinal elements and how it works. We will never make claims. If you're ever in Hood River, we put on a biweekly information session on Hemp at the Hood River Library Community Meeting Room. Every session a different topic. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for the latest session. 

Our Store

If you visit our Hood River store, let us know what brought you into the store and we'll have a conversation about your needs. Already know what you are looking for? We probably carry it. We carry the top trusted brands in the industry in addition to our own to offer a balanced and functional line of hemp-derived CBD products. We don't carry a wide range of brands because too many choices can usually be overwhelming and we feel we carry everything someone needs across five strong brands. 

Our Guarantee

We value and carry brands that are focused on safe, transparent, traceable, organic growing and processing methods and back up their products 100%. We get to know the brands and their products intimately so that you don't have to. We are so confident about our products, that we carry a 100% guarantee on all of our products and brands. If you are not happy with it, return it and we'll offer a refund.