Horse & Hound Hemp Oil 300 for Dogs
Horse & Hound Hemp Oil 300 for Dogs
Horse & Hound Hemp Oil 300 for Dogs

Horse & Hound Hemp Oil 300 for Dogs

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Dog have anxiety or stressed out? Runs and hides at the sound of fireworks or gunshots?

Our Horse & Hound Hemp Oil to the rescue! For horses and dogs alike, just a squirt from the dropper into their mouth, on a treat, or on their food can address many of these concerns. Our Hemp Oil is a proprietary blend of our very own cold-pressed hemp seed oil and organic Oregon-grown distillate.  Processed via supercritical CO2 extraction which is the cleanest most pure method of extraction that retains all the natural healing essences and oils. This blend has a nutty flavor that dogs love. 

CBD 300 Dosing for dogs & horses: 

A full 1 oz bottle equals 30 mL of liquid, which equals 30 full servings.
One full dropper contains 1 mL of hemp oil.
Of that full 1 mL dropper is 10 mg of CBD.
Dropper is adjustable to custom dosing.

When you start administering CBD to your pet, start low and slow. Give to her in the morning and if you feel she needs more, give more that afternoon. The next morning increase the dose by 50%. Once you start seeing results, it is good to maintain a regular daily dosing schedule. 

For acute needs such as addressing anxiety on the 4th of July, give an additional dose on that day. You may find after 3-4 weeks of daily dosing and positive results, that you can reduce her dose and maintain your pup on a lower dose.  

  • 5-20 pounds: 1-5 mg 
  • 20-50 pounds 5-10 mg
  • 50-100 pounds 10-20 mg
  • For more severe anxiety or ailments, double dosing.
Dosing for horses: 
25-50 mg per day in their mouth or on their feed
Double dosing for more severe pain or ailments.